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Hamburg is home to a vibrant international jazz scene which can be experienced every Wednesday night at the Golem,  a cocktail bar located directly across from Hamburg’s Fischmarkt at the harbour.   The Fat Jazz „Urban Exchanges“ series has been going strong for the past six years and has featured several prominent jazz masters of the modern and free jazz scene as well as local greats.

As the title „Urban Exchanges“ suggests, the musicians performing in the series come from cities all over the world,  this month’s program alone features instrumentalists from Italy, England, Denmark, Holland, Latvia, Poland and Germany.   The first Wednesday of October will be a CD release party of  JEWEIL4 (Berlin-Palermo-Hamburg) on 10/5/16.  This  quartet of saxophone, flute, trombone, bass and drums will explore various sound landscapes either through strictly written music, timbre, compositive research and free improvisation.

Next on the October schedule is MOUNT MEANDER (Cologne-Copenhagen) on 10/12/16.  This saxophone-piano-bass-drums quartet are representatives of a new generation of European musicians.  To give you an idea on what to expect, the group say: music with an attitude,  and the attitude is to function as one organism.  Not a simple gathering of four individuals, but a complete being committed to intuitive and collective free improvisation.  For MOUNT MEANDER it is all about unity, equality, trust and communication.

The following week brothers Bernhard Meyer, Peter Meyer and drummer Montz Baumgartner (Berlin-Cologne) will perform their crossover improv, mixing jazz improvisation with alternative rock, new music and ambient sounds with their group MELT TRIO.

Occasionally when the touring schedule of a travelling band does not coincide with the regular Wednesday series,  Golem and Fat Jazz organize a special concert as in the case of the Tuesday concert of internationally renowned trombonist Nils Wogram with his trio NOSTALGIA on 10/25/16.  The name NOSTALGIA comes from the bands retro sound of 50s and 60s groove-swing a la Blue Note or 52nd Street.

Finishing this month’s Fat Jazz program is Hamburg trombonist Christophe Schweizer’s  YOUNG, RICH & FAMOUS on 10/26/16.  This group is also an urban exchange with musicians from Hamburg and Berlin performing the phattest of jazz.  If you can’t make it to the first set of the evening beginning at 8:30pm,  every week the Fat Jazz series have a great „Late Night Band“ of local musicians.  For a list of the program, links and details of the groups, check:

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