Hamburg Hafen | Ebru Durupinar Photography

You are

  • a blogger, YouTuber or online journalist
  • specialized intensely and creatively in travel topics
  • a word acrobat with amazing photographs supplementing your articles

Your blog

  • is vibrant
  • is personal and graphically appealing
  • fascinates us and others

You want

  • to visit Hamburg this year
  • to be part of our project
  • to let the world know what a beautiful and worthwhile city Hamburg is to visit
  • to activate your channels to spread your articles, video clips or photographs

We want

  • A „Hamburg blog post“ about your journey with direct link to the hotel (within six weeks).
  • At least one post on your social media channels – you are of course welcome to post more.

How to apply

  • Tell us in a few words why you should be part of the project
  • We need your full name and contact details and of course – name and link to your blog, YouTube channel, Instragram account, Facebook or the like
  • We also need a screenshot of your latest Google Analytics resumé showing data such as your monthly page impressions, average retention time, state of access by your users, new visitors and so on
  • Let us know of any third party websites which have mentioned you, including the link
  • Tell us how many Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram followers you have?
  • Like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram

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All entries received will initially be checked to ensure that it is complete. Shortly after we’ll let you know if you are one of the lucky ones chosen.

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    More Informations

    Hotel selection

    The hotel you will stay in is selected at random, with bloggers “assigned” to a certain hotel. If there are more visiting bloggers than hotel rooms available on a given date, rooms will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

    Your arrival and stay

    • In preparation for your visit we will provide you with detailed information on the hotel you are staying at
    • You’ll receive a Hamburg Welcome Package
    • We will welcome you on Facebook, Twitter and co.
    • During your stay in Hamburg we at Hamburg Marketing will be your contact partner. We’ll help ensure you enjoy your stay and have a truly unforgettable time