The ideal summer city trip to Hamburg. Sights, art and culture, lots of water and a wide range of activities.

As the greenest city in Germany, you will find many parks and recreational facilities directly on the waterfront in Hamburg. Especially in summer, Hamburg is ideal for a city trip. The mixture of sights, art and culture, together with numerous local recreation areas, lots of water and a wide range of water sports activities make […]


Ivy’s review for 25hours Hafencity hotel

For their first stay in Hamburg Iva and her husband have chosen the 25hours hotel Hafencity. Which will, beside of the top location and walking distance to the majority of the must see family sites, convince you also with amazing inside decor, thoughtful little perks (like kids sleeping toy, Globus light and Nespresso machine for […]


Family trip to Hamburg by kamzmulcem

When Iva and her family visited Hamburg in June, it was their first city break after Covid 19 … and it could not be better, Iva says. Hamburg is for them one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Amazing architecture, bustling Harbour feeling on every corner, lots of green areas and cultural offers were […]

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