Instawalk as part of the exhibition „Eine Stadt wird bunt“ at the Museum of Hamburg History

At the beginning of April, 20 of our Come to Hamburg Instagrammers visited the Museum of Hamburg History. There, since November last year, the exhibition „EINE STADT WIRD BUNT. Hamburg Graffiti History 1980-1999,“ has been on display. Almost 500 exhibits, including photos, texts, sketchbooks, spray cans, newspapers, magazines, records and accessories have been assembled by […]


Superbude Altona

Are you in the mood for tropical relaxing? Paradise ahead! In the colorful Superbude in Altona, you can forget the time in the indoor Jungle. And that is in the middle of Hamburg! Only a few minutes‘ walks from the colorful, romantic Ottensen lies our inner-city paradise and invites visitors and locals to experience it. […]

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