Top Things To Do And See In Hamburg In 3 Days

by Grigorijs Kozuhars (Baltic Traveller) ©baltictraveller Hamburg is not only an important port city (it is third largest after London and New York City), but it’s also a perfect place to escape for a weekend away. Old redbrick shipping warehouses, harbor views, and delicious seafood will make your stay in Hamburg a unique experience. I [...]

Flamm’Hus – Hamburg’s French Pizza

Flamm´Hus Logo
After 20 years of experience and passion at the Frankfurt based family owned restaurant Flamm's we decided that is was time for a fresh new concept at the Speicherstadt in Hamburg. So in 2015 we opened our Flamm'Hus. At Flamm'Hus we prepare French pizza (Flammkuchen) in different varieties at an open kitchen space right on [...]