A Hamburg Travel Guide by oi the blog – Are We Sure It’s Not Scandinavian?

„Hamburg is a port city where you walk by the water with a fish bread in your hand, a seagull comes and haunts you while claiming your food, you hear the sounds of ferries, your face is paralyzed by the wind as you walk over the bridges and you get an inexplicable pleasure from it. When I remember this city where we walked through the streets at what felt like -5 degrees Celsius, I think of red brick buildings, a gloomy sky between blue and gray and the sound of water. Moreover, despite the fact that it is the second most populated city in Germany, it is a city that can give you 3 different emotions in 10 minutes, where you can be alone on a street in the middle of the day, two streets away you can come across a pink „SEX 59 EURO“ sign in the middle of the crowd in the middle of the Red Light District of the city, and even a little further than that, you can end up next to John Lennon in a square that salutes the fact that it is „the city that made The Beatles The Beatles“. Sometimes there comes a moment when neither John Lennon nor you feel like you belong to this city at all, sometimes you think „I wonder what the rents are like here“ as you watch how the city works from the top of a building.“

Many think they can compare Berlin and Hamburg – before they were here, but when they have seen the Hanseatic city is clear to most: This is not possible at all. The girls from oitheblog have also packed this realization into the most beautiful words:
„The Scandinavian city air combined with the Germanness has created a very unique and cool city, and I don’t remember that I could catch this feeling in any other city in Germany. However, another conclusion I came to is that Berlin and Hamburg are not two comparable cities. I think they are cities with completely different souls, and even though some parts may remind you of each other in some places, the things you feel in the two cities are not very similar. If I had to make a choice, I would choose Berlin again for various reasons, but instead of making a choice, I think I would rather place the two cities in different categories in my mind and love their different aspects.“

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