A Long Weekend In Hamburg – Day 3


Laura went to Hamburg for three days and visited some of the greatest sights in the city. This is a copy of her blogpost on MissLJBeauty.

Hi Everyone,

How are you all?

Back to my trip to Hamburg with cometohamburg.com

Day 3 – last day

We have breakfast again the same as the day before. We are creatures of habit.

It’s time to say goodbye to the appartello. Here are some photos.

I loved the living room area in the hotel


©missljbeauty             The fire is gorgeous

Check out is at 11am, so we pack and head into Hamburg.




Hamburg is very quiet on Sunday and there are no shops open as this is law in Germany. We walk about again but have our cases with is so we go and have a look at central station which is amazing to see in real life and super busy.



We grab a quick coffee and bite to eat and its time to say goodbye to Hamburg and head to the station. Which from central is super easy jump on the train and it takes you to the terminal.


I loved my time in Hamburg and would highly recommend you all go and see it for yourself. I will definitely have to go back to see everything we missed. It was an awesome trip.


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