Black Delight – Familiarity breeds fondness

Black Delight Hamburg

In 2012, a coffee roaster called a barista, and the path of one life changed. A dream was caught, papers exchanged, and Viktoria Ljubek became the current owner of Black Delight, one of Hamburg’s Finest coffee and roasters.

Unafraid of blends, Black Delight carries coffee from all over the world, especially Africa and South America. They also have single origins all direct trade and biological. By cutting out the middle man, they know the source of their product, have built solid relationships which all amount to one of the best coffee you will ever taste. Its no wonder such as the local offices of Facebook, Google, and Betahaus stock it for their employees.

Travelers and locals alike come for the coffee but they stay for the community. Viktoria fosters an incredible friendliness towards customers, growing with them through the years and becoming good friends. She is steeped in the neighborhood, having lived there for 16 years, the importance of connections is something ingrained in her.

Black Delight is a warm center in the Eimsbüttel area of Hamburg, a place you know always carries local ingredients from their bottled drinks to the in house baked goods. A place you feel understood, appreciated, and inquired after. You may mention off handedly to Viktoria that you do art and the next thing you know you are having an exhibition in the cafe, with all revenue going directly to you. You see that its a platform, a place to develop and most importantly to grow.

Community is a strong thread throughout Hamburg and Black Delight is an admirable example of it. Viktoria knows her employees deeply just as she knows the regular customers. The immense care for detail is reflected in the coffee shop. Every product there links back to a face she knows personally. Theres not much else one can ask for in a coffee shop. Multi-faceted, community oriented, and good coffee served by good people- its a way of life we should all aspire to be.

Tip: On these hot humid days, cool off with a smooth tasting iced cafe latte. Espresso, milk, and ice cubes will send life back to your overheated senses.


Black Delight
Eppendorfer Weg 67
D-20259 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0) 40 648 800 78

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