Bucerius Kunst Forum – Exhibition „The birth of the art market“


Are you into classic art? Then check out the exhibition „The birth of the art market: Rembrandt, Ruisdael, Van Goyen and the artists of the Golden Age“ at one of Hamburg’s art hot spots: The Bucerius Kunst Forum.

Rembrandt „Willem Burchgraeff“ ©Bucerius Kunstforum

This exhibition is taking place until January 7th 2018 and was announced by the Bucerius Kunstforum as the following:  „Absurdly high prices, greedy dealers and overrated artists: the vices of today’s art market seem all too apparent. And yet, dealing in art is a way of enganging in social debate about art itself, and is thus an essential prerequisite for its existence. Discussions about art on the art market took place long before the first museums were founded. The birthplace ot this market was the Netherlands in the senventeenth century. Commissions from the church and the aristorcracy had dried up, while the booming middle class could afford oil paintings for the first time. Motifs and artistic techniques changed to keep pace with the demands of the new market. History paintings and mythological scenes gave way to still lives, landscapes, and genre paintings. The prices ranged from a few Dutch guilders to top prices. Artists and their workshops specialized in specific subjects such as river landscapes or seascapes, still lives of dead game or scenes of abundance and made these their trademark.“

So, if you would like to see some classics we highly suggest to go there. For more information visit: http://www.buceriuskunstforum.de/en/

Entrance fee:
Adults: 9 € /discounted 6 €
Mondays 6 € only (except for national holidays)

Tickets: www.buceriuskunsforum.de/tickets

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