Falkensteiner Ufer Hamburg

Falkensteiner Ufer Hamburg
Falkensteiner Ufer Hamburg

One of Hamburg’s Elbe Beaches

Perhaps you are visiting from California, missing those sandy beaches and expansive horizon. Or maybe you are from somewhere lush with trees and hiking. Or even a city dweller who is tired of the hard pavements and crowds. Then Falkensteiner Ufer is an oasis within the oasis that is Hamburg.

Nestled quietly on the western part of the city, a hikers paradise and white sandy beaches await the visitor looking for relaxation and the most expansive views of the Elbe river. Falkensteiner Ufer is not the most convenient part of the Elbe to get to, but it is by far the most beautiful. It offers a natural reserve for those who want to hike among birch, beech, and pine trees. You can find small, naturally private beaches that makes you feel that you are somewhere exotic. The Elbe on this side widens giving the impression that you are at the oceans feet and enjoying the calmness of nature.

The uniqueness of the river allows for the visitor to literally see container ships brushing past you as you wade your feet. It is a sight to see, the traffic of antique sailing ships, containers coming from China, canoes, and speed boats. It feels natural, and orderly, like the surroundings.

There is a large camping ground that attracts locals from the city and tourists from abroad. Camper vans fill the grounds in the summer months, taking advantage of the beach, large playground, cafe, and restaurants there. It is sandwiched between Blankenese and Wedel, so getting there by foot or bike is highly recommended. You follow the path along the river and enjoy the scenery.

Falkensteiner Ufer Hamburg

In the warmer months, people stay all day on the beach grilling, listening to music, and the few bold ones who jump in the water for a swim. It is a breathtaking part of Hamburg and leaves you with the feeling that you took a plane to somewhere far away. But really, you did not go to far to enjoy paradise.


Campingplatz ElbeCamp
Falkensteiner Ufer 101
D-22587 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 812 94 9

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