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Beach Clubs Hamburg

One wouldn’t see the need for beach clubs, especially in Hamburg where there is the Elbe river and the Alster lake. Opportunities for beaches to relax and to barbecue are endless in and around Hamburg. But there is a special feeling in beach clubs, particularly when they are in the city and despite the chaos you feel immediately tranquil once you set foot in it. And Hamburg has many nice beach clubs to offer.

One of the most popular beach clubs is Strand Pauli. Located near Landungsbrücken, its next door to another club Del Mar. Strand Pauli cradles the Elbe river and while you are lounging in your beach chairs, the soft sand sliding between your toes, you can watch the large ships pass by. It is built for maximum relaxation with a full kitchen and bar, your only job is to close your eyes and be drifted away. Many people like to come there during the summer and stay there into the night.

Hamburg Beach Clubs

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A local favorite is Central Park in Sternschanze. Surrounded by buses, trains, and people running towards appointments, this little paradise shuts out the noisy city life and transports you to a feeling of being at the beach. Chairs and lounges are spread around with ping pong tables and plenty of sand. It is a perfect place to get away from the hustle of the city, take a break from shopping or work and not have to travel too far to do so.

Dock 3 beach club was the first in Hamburg that started 10 years ago. It is on top of a parking deck with unobtrusive views of the port. It has what the other beach clubs have plus hammocks, a dance floor with a view, and the rights to say it was the first to begin this lifestyle culture.

Beach clubs are a summer staple in Hamburg and there are plenty to cater to your moods. If you want ones directly on the beach then 28 degrees in Wedel or Strand Perle in Othmarschen are good choices. There are the ones in the heart of the city, others located along the river, and some on top of buildings. They may all have different themes but the atmosphere is the same: fun and relaxation accompanied by good drinks and music.

Summer is calling – so hit Hamburg´s beach clubs!

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