Hamburg Reeperbahn Festival September 2016


The Reeperbahn is Germany’s most notorious 24/7 party mile.  It is also home of Europe’s biggest club event: the 11th annual Reeperbahn Festival from September 21-24, 2016.  The festival takes place in more than 70 clubs and bars throughout St. Pauli with over 450 bands from all over the world.  Music lovers of indie, pop, rock, folk, hip-hop, electro, funk and soul will be sure to find plenty of great music here.  If you need a break from the dance floor,  the festival offers a program of award-winning short films of the Berlinale and other film festivals.


The sheer number of bands playing is staggering.  Pick a country in Europe and there is a band representing at the festival.  The club famed as „the place where the Beatles played first“: The Indra is hosting „The Danish Night“ with four new wave and pop groups from Denmark: Communions, IAMJJ, Chinah, and Blondage on 9/24.  Have you ever heard of a band from Luxembourg?  Well, here is your chance to hear three of them: the electo music of Napoleon Gold, Sun Glitters, and Clevland in the Kaiserkeller.  Most people only think of Fado music when they think of Portugal, but at the Pooca Bar on September 22 you can hear another side from the remote country: the ambient jazz of Surma, folk-punk of We Bless This Mess, and the post-punkers First Breath After Coma.


Many people would be hard pressed to name a group from Finland as well.  That can all change at the Sommersalon on 9/24 with the showcase „From Finland“: synth-popper Alma, pop-punksters Teksti-TV 666, emo-rocking of New Deadline, and the wild cascio organ trio Have You Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS!


The Reeperbahn Festival is an international celebration with performers coming from afar.    The poet and composer Baloji from Kinshasa, Congo will perform his blend of African and American soul, funk and jazz at the Mojo Club on 9/23.  Continuing the tradition of old school hip-hop from NYC, the 19 year rap prodigy Bishop Nehru will perform one of his first gigs in Germany along with another young rapper and producer from Jerusalem: Adi Ulmansky in the dance club Moondoo.  Canadian singer Alejandra Ribera whose music is a mix of bossa nova, jazz and folk will be at the Kukuun on 9/24.

For a full list of performers and links to their music check the festival’s website!


If you can’t make it to the festival this year, you can check it out on the festival’s livestream link and start planning for next year!  See you there!

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