Röperhof – a beautiful farmhouse

“Mund propaganda” – The only advertisement needed here is word of mouth.

This beautiful farmhouse standing from 1759 is a retreat for those in the know. The Röper family owned this house and the surrounding areas when it was all fields and there was a direct view to the Elbe. In present day, it is hidden by homes and gardens and for you to know it exists, you must know a local.

With three rooms, a long and a terrace you have endless options to dine on white table clothes and enjoy the atmosphere. Lunch and dinner are served by candlelight and you pick from a menu of regional and seasonal food. Cake and coffee is served between the lunch and dinner hours and everything is house made. The club room, which was a stable, is immaculately kept in its original state with leather chairs and red décor. The long hall, or barn floor as its called, is one of the most charming aspects. A music system that is already installed keeps private parties dancing into the night and the hall ends to large double doors that open to a side terrace.

The staff is attentive and professional, giving the experience of elegance. There are pieces of furniture dating back over a hundred years housing wine glasses and tableware. The authenticity of the place is unmatched, a self sustaining old farmhouse dedicated to giving its guests the ultimate of fine German dining. Go there for coffee and cake in the summer terrace or for dinner to taste what the region has to offer. And while you are there, learn a bit about the Röper family, their family history book lays on top a wooden table in the smaller room.

Agathe-Lasch-Weg 2
D-22605 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 881 12 00

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