Shopping at Mönckebergstraße and the Surrounding Area

Hamburg Moenckebergstrasse

Mönckebergstraße is a long strip in the Altstadt (it has it’s own U-Bahn station), where everyone goes to shop, eat, and hang out. It’s where culture meets capitalism- there’s often little markets and street performers along the giant shopping area. It’s easily accessible from multiple buses and trains in the city, and multiple stops. This article will not only be talking about this particular street, but also the surrounding area. It’s a great place for a couple hours or even a whole day.

While there are a couple of indoor malls in the area, part of Mönckebergstraße’s appeal is that it’s outside! When the sun is out, Hamburg is the best place to be. Everyone is outside, talking, smiling, and shopping. Germans know how to appreciate good weather. All of the stores open at about ten, the coffee shops sooner, and stay open until eight p.m. You can do a lot of damage in that time!

Before we talk about the actual shopping, let’s talk about the sightseeing in the area. The Hamburger Rathaus is a gorgeous building at the opposite end of the Hauptbahnhof from Mönckebergstraße and also has it’s own train station (U3 line). There’s a giant courtyard in front that’s perfect for a shopping break. Next to the Rathaus there is a strip of water featuring a lovely place to sit and a WWI memorial. You can walk from there to the Alster in two minutes (providing the walk sign is green or you’re a skilled jay-walker). The Binnenalster is a lake that’s part of the river. You can take a boat tour, eat an ice-cream crepe, or enjoy a coffee along any of the multitude of restaurants on the water.

Now on to shopping… There’s something here for every budget and style. I’ve included some of my favorite stores below, but the more you walk around this area, the more there is to find.   Europa Passage is a great indoor mall for rainy days. Inside there’s a bookstore called Thalia (it has an English section!) with two armchairs looking over the Alster, it’s a great spot for a rest. If you enter from the river side, you can take a glass elevator up to a restaurant called Se7en Oceans and a) walk out after looking at the view or b) enjoy an expensive meal (or drinks and dessert). Either way I recommend the elevator ride.

Shop Like a German:


Shop Like an American:
Urban Outfitters
American Apparel


Other Notable Mentions:
& Other Stories


Speaking of food, one gets a little hungry with all that shopping. Here are some recommendations.

Quick Bites:
Pommes and Currywurst (literally anywhere)
PERLE Passage Food Court


Mönckebergstraße is a great way to shop and see a little culture. It’s a beautiful part of Hamburg, especially when the sun’s out. In winter Christmas markets cover the area, so really anytime is a good time to do a little shopping!

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