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Stadtcafé Ottensen

The name is simple, the location away from the bustle of the city, occupying the ground floor of a newer apartment complex. In fact, Stadtcafé is a marvel with a history and a staff that gives one of the best services of Hamburg.

Behringstraße is a main street to get somewhere else, towards the touristy Landungsbrucke on one end, and the beautiful community of west Hamburg on the other. So you wouldn’t necessarily know about this restaurant unless you know the older sister, Cafe Borchers, in Eppendorf or are a fan of the Austrian artist Hundertwasser. The building follows the designs of the famous artist and was recently renovated and reopened in July 2015. The facade has been kept exactly the same, with colorful pottery shards adorning the walls and the interior recreated with his vision. Apart from the artistic setting, Stadcafe is expansive, which is no surprise that many parties of all occasions are held there. The menu boasts traditional German cuisine such as flammkuchen, Weiner art, and as well as burgers and pasta.

As a testament to their service, they have two happy hours. One from 4-6pm for the early after work crowd and one starting at 9pm called the “Blaue Stunde” or Blue Hour. They have a separate gin menu with a collaboration with the British owned Fever Tree tonic drinks. This results in unique and tasty cocktails such as gin with edelflower tonic water.

On Saturdays they have a breakfast buffet with selections of cold cuts, cheese, breads, jams and other spreads. On Sundays there is the large brunch buffet with warm and cold selections. Children are welcomed with plenty of spacious seating and child seats. As the popularity of the restaurant increases it is advised to make reservations, especially on the weekends.

Stadtcafé may be off the busy path but it is well worth a visit. The original facade alone is something worth seeing and the staff and food will inspire you to stay.

Stadtcafé Ottensen
Behringstraße 42
D-22763 Hamburg

Phone: + 49 40 30391340

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