Hotel Stella Maris Hamburg

The history of the Stella Maris dates back to the mid-1950s. A time when tough guys were looking for great adventures on the high seas. When ships were staffed by highly skilled crews of deckhands, seamen, a cook, boatswains, officers, engineers, and, of course, the captain. When each crew was made up of more than twenty “real men” and every harbour was a home with at least one girl waiting. Indeed, this is the origin of our Stella Maris. It used to be one of the first destinations during the shore leave after a seemingly endless journey on sea, marked by sweat, hard work, and hardship.

Every sailor was somehow at home here: they met old and new friends, took care of necessary minor errands, spun yarns, or invested the fruit of their hard labour in wine, women, and song – or rather: rum, Reeperbahn, and merriment – until the next steamship called them back to duty with its roaring foghorn.
That is the kind of home we wish to be for you – just like the sailors’ home of yore. We want to offer you a traditional home for your shore leave and a point of departure for countless experiences and encounters, new friends, a wealth of unforgettable impressions, and a taste of all the beautiful things that make Hamburg unique.

In short: we are where your adventure starts!

We offer more than just the perfect point of departure for your safari across Hamburg. We want to give you a true home away from home. Relaxed and laid-back, charmingly fresh and lively, but always a little dreamy. We are sure that you will find a favourite place in our Stella Maris. Be it in your warm bed or our dreamy gardens. How about the lounge with its uniquely comfortable charm, inviting you to stay and rest? Or simply lose track of time while enjoying an extended breakfast. And even if you feel like taking a few steps outside, our bubbly family neighbourhood will still make you feel at home.

Take some time to unwind in our lobby and lounge after your long journey, a hard day at work, or an exhausting afternoon of sightseeing. Have a chat with our other guests or talk to our receptionists. Have a look around and discover our history – it is hidden everywhere in our design. Check your e-mail on our iMacs. Enjoy a drink. Read a book or just lean back and observe the goings-on in our sailors’ home.

Hotel Stella Maris ***
Reimarusstraße 12
D-20459 Hamburg


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