Tierpark Hagenbeck – The Wild Side Of Hamburg

Want to explore Hamburg’s wild side? Then do not only visit the Reeperbahn but Hamburg’s zoo. Whether you are travelling with or without kids, by yourself or with a travel companion, you will be amazed by the variety of animals which are to be seen at the historical and family owned Tierpark Hagenbeck.

For more than a century, Tierpark Hagenbeck has been a famous name around the world. More than 1,860 animals and 210 species from every continent live in the panoramic landscapes and modern spacious enclosures of the heritage-protected park. Many of these creatures are threatened with extinction in the wild, mainly due to the destruction of natural habitats or unregulated hunting and poaching.

©Götz Berlik

Global protection of animals and the environment

Today, in the twenty-first century, the zoo industry is dominated by an ‘ark’ mentality – animal parks around the world are committed to the protection of species, nature and the environment. Zoological gardens provide a safe place for animal species that are threatened with extinction in the wild while acting to preserve their natural habitats.

Both zoological garden (Tierpark Hagenbeck) and tropical aquarium (Tropen-Aquarium Hagenbeck) help to conserve endangered species. Furthermore, the zoological garden offers ecological niches for indigenous plants and animals. With these efforts, Hagenbeck is making an important contribution to achieving the goal of the World Zoo Conservation Strategy, which is to preserve the natural diversity of plant and animal species.


The Eismeer: over 8,000 sq m of polar fascination in the animal park

Globally unique: a place where North Pole meets South Pole, and you can experience everything with all your senses.
Hear, smell, touch and see the lifelike penguin world in its ice grotto. Be amazed by breathtaking views both above and below water of polar bears, fur seals and one of the deepest walrus pools in the world.
1,200 square meters of water surface area and 5.5 million liters of water in a range of pools offer the animals plenty of space to swim and dive. Watch the underwater action from behind large panoramic panels. As you pass along the 750 meters walkway, you will get to see species from polar regions behaving almost as if they were in the wild and Arctic seabirds in a free flight aviary.

©Lutz Schnier

Hagenbeck’s is an active zoo

At fixed times during the day, animals in the zoological garden are fed in front of visitors. At the same time, the zookeepers present all kinds of interesting facts about their charges and their way of life, answering any questions that visitors may have.


Need a break to eat and drink? No problem

A restaurant with waiter service is open throughout the year. During the low season, from November to early March, visitors can eat indoors at Winter Restaurant, next to the playground. From March to October, the cooks and waiters move into Flamingo Lodge.

©Götz Berlik

Visitors to the heritage-protected park are welcome to visit throughout the year. Prices can be found here.


Tierpark Hagenbeck Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mbH

Lokstedter Grenzstraße 2
22527 Hamburg

Telephone +49 40 53 00 33 – 0

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