BRING ON THE NOISE – Jazzmaster returns to Hamburg

„Multiphonics„ is a Hamburg concert series for free jazz/free improvised music and performance.  Over the years the series has taken place in a number of unusual venues,  from locations as diverse as MS Stubnitz, the former GDR fishing ship turned music venue, to DESY, the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science,  operating particle accelerators used to investigate the structure of matter.

This August and September the Werkhaus Muenzviertel will host a number of Multiphonics concerts. In the tradition of unusual concert locations, the Werkhaus Muenzviertel is a model project giving youth and young adults the opportunity to learn arts, crafts, carpentry and gardening with guidance from local professionals.

Kicking off the Multiphonics summer music program on August 12,  Annie Lewandowski from the band Powerdove performed a concert of synthesizer improvisations – with two analog synthesizers built by the late Turkish composer and instrument builder Taylan Cihan, and Hamburg-based (and one-time US midwesterner) Chad Popple brought his battery of percussion to fuel the proceedings.

Jazzmaster Todd Capp in Hamburg

Multiphonics will have a very special guest on August 27th:

Free jazz master drummer TODD CAPP (USA) with fellow american Andrew Lafkas on double bass and German guitarist Hannes Buder. Considering it has taken Mr. Capp almost 60 years to return to Hamburg, you don’t want to miss this chance to hear him live. Here is what TODD CAPP about his memories of Hamburg and the group he will be performing with:

„I was last in Hamburg in 1957. I remember it as a grey, depressing city still full of bomb craters and empty shells of buildings, and our evening’s entertainment was a program in a dingy arena featuring two combatants wrestling in a ring of mud. I imagine it’s changed since then. I was already addicted to music at this point in my life but still a few more years needed to pass before I developed my technique of box stacking that allowed me the life changing glimpses of watching (and HEARING) Elvin Jones through the windows of clubs that I was too young to enter. A few decades later, I entered Freddy’s Backroom (yes, back when it was on Dean St on the block now ridden with the shrapnel from the Barclays Center) and heard a bassist named Andrew Lafkas for the first time. As soon as the quartet he was playing in finished I made sure to tell him what I thought of his playing, “You are a crazy motherfucker.” We began playing together soon after that initial meeting. We haven’t stopped since. 2/3’s, one more point in this triangle to go. In 2013 while playing at a festival in Paris, I sat down to take in a set from german guitarist I had never heard before, Hannes Buder. His playing shook me up. I felt the history of the world unfolding and opening on itself: single cell proteins dancing on wind powered weaving looms that sing as aeolian harps taught with strings of love and destruction. Thankfully it only took another year for the three of us to come together for our first trio gig. That meeting took place in Brooklyn as spring was ending in 2014. From the first notes we new this would be a family based on love and trust.“

Yes indeed, Hamburg has changed greatly since the 1950s and there will be no mud wrestling at the Werkhaus Munzviertel, which is a cultural center of arts, education and community activism located only a few minutes walk from Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (central station). Entrance free/donations requested

So check out the Multiphonic´s programme and come on down to Werkhaus Muenzviertel, Rosenallee 11 in 20097 Hamburg. No entrance fee,  but donations are greatly appreciated.

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