Sporthalle Hamburg – Gym turned Concert Venue

Sporthalle Hamburg

Gym turned Concert Venue

The Sporthalle Hamburg (also known as the Alsterdorf Sporthalle) is a small but unique venue. It’s located in Alsterdorf, a neighborhood in northern Hamburg, about ten minutes away from the U-Bahn stop Lattenkamp by foot. Lattenkamp is on the U1 line and fairly accessible from the airport. When you google pictures you can see how versatile the space really is: everything from sporting events to concerts go on there. It’s definitely not the biggest venue (it seats about 1500 people), however it has a coziness about it because of it’s size.

Before entering the Halle people crowd along the ramp, eventually moving into lines as the venue opens up.The most charming thing is that it is indeed an old Sporthalle (that’s german for gym). When I walked in there was food and merchandise for sale, I mean what’s not to like about t-shirts and crepes?

After going downstair past the bathrooms, you enter the actual gym. It’s exactly like going to a high school basketball game or concert, it definitely brings back the nostalgia with the waxed wooden floors and bleachers. The one big difference for me was that the band I saw was way better than any high school performance I’ve ever been to! The 1975 played the Sporthalle on April 2.

They were, of course, amazing with their charming british accents. On one side the bleachers were pulled out for the audience to sit and everywhere else tons of people were dancing and singing their hearts out. The lighting set up was amazing and perfectly complimented the set list. The Sporthalle was packed and you couldn’t see where it ended from inside the sea of people.

This is definitely a great venue with a variety of events- that means it’s perfect for everyone. So when you’re thinking about booking your next concert or hockey game don’t forget to check out their season.

For 2016 they have scheduled for example:

25th of June 2016 – 12.30 p.m. German Championchip Geräteturnen
6th of October 2016 – 08.00 p.m. Blumentopf: 1992 bis 2016 R.I.P. – Abschiedskonzerte
3 rd of December 2016 – 08.00 p.m. Beginner
5th of December 2016 – 08.00 p.m. Beginner
9th of December 2016 – 08.00 p.m. Bosse: Engtanztour
16 th of December 2016 – 07.30 p.m. Torfrock


Sporthalle Hamburg
Krochmannstr. 55 / Braamkamp 1
D-22297 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 428 002 0

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