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Ottensen is a fast changing neighborhood of Altona. As gentrification quickly engulfs, establishments change with the tide while few keep true to their identity. With the loyalty of patrons, Laundrette is a haven among the fast monied shopping street of Ottenser Hauptstraße.

Situated towards the end of the limelight, it stands as a cafe, laundromat, and bar. It is the authentic definition of a mix, a master of all trades it caters naturally to all walks of life. During the day, you can see international travelers with their suitcases, doing a weeks worth of laundry from their on going trips.  You will also see locals with laptops and latte macchiatos working their freelance jobs or well known authors editing and writing their books.

In the night, it transforms into a bar with live local djs spinning a variety of music. Bench seatings appear and suddenly you will see people dancing on top of the washing machine counters or sitting in corners sipping drinks, lost in after hour conversations.

There are often parties hosted there, from birthdays to work functions to bachelorette/bachelors nights out. Soccer is huge event, with the bar being packed during league and championship games. There is a large screen hanging on the back wall and several TVs so you do not miss a play. It even has a modest back yard with theater seats clustered around a viewing screen. These same screens are used most Sunday evenings to watch the popular German police show “Tatort”.

The owner is community oriented and involved with the refugee camps. He organizes a monthly bowling outing in which patrons of the bar and friends pay for themselves and one refugee to enjoy a night of play.

A soulful bar with many identities, inclusivity being the utmost importance. Laundrette is not what it may appear to be: a place to do ones washing and grab a cup of coffee. In its humbleness it is so much more: a place to connect, to meet, to celebrate, in essence to take care of every aspect of yourself. You are welcome as you are.


Ottenser Hauptstraße 56
D-22765 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 519 082 43

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