A Hamburg tour of a different kind: a listing of the most beautiful brick buildings in the city.

Milos from blog „happy frog travels“ had set his sights on perhaps the most characteristic image of the city during his visit to Hamburg: The brick culture.

Hamburg has a plethora of fantastic buildings. They spent two weeks walking about the leafy streets and lovely canals. From Art Nouveau mansions and Bauhaus buildings to 17th century grocery houses and ultra-modern towers: the city has it all! Besides, Hamburg has some of the best brick expressionism architecture in the world. That’s why UNESCO included the Kontorhaus district in downtown Hamburg (together with Speicherstadt) in its World Heritage Site List. They spent a couple of nights in a grand brick expressionist printing company converted into one of the best hotels in Hamburg: The Renaissance Hamburg Hotel.

They listed up their top 10 buildings! You can find it HERE!

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