Don’t forget to look up, do not forget to look across the Alster and more tipps by europe diaries

Don’t forget to look up, they say. It’s the little things that can spark joy and imagination at any point. And well, it truly was the case during Menorcas recent weekend trip to the former Hanseatic Northern city of Hamburg. 

She stayed at Alsterkrug, a hotel, which is located directly at the Alster. To enjoy this, she has a tip for you: Whether you choose to enjoy their sumptuous breakfast buffet, enjoy a drink in their bar, reserve a table in their other restaurant overlooking the Alster Canal, or simply walk around in the surrounding greenery, you are bound to have a relaxing and peaceful time here. The hotel is also perfectly equipped for working if remote work from a change in location is on your mind.

Check out Menorcas little glimpse into the magically Hamburg and some tips for what to expect during such a weekend city trip in the Covid era:

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