A Work & Play Long Weekend in Hamburg by live dream discover

Sarah Hughes from the blog live dream discover traveled to Hamburg in April. She was one of the attendes at the ReBoot22 and stayed at the Hostel Superbude Paradise in Altona. But I do not want to anticipate anything, because the description of her stay is quite wonderfully beautiful and detailed:

Our home base in Hamburg was the uber funky Superbude Altona Hotel Hostel. Their website makes claims of being a colorful jungle paradise in the middle of Hamburg. That description, though accurate, is just a taste of what is waiting for you.

The space is bright, cheery and comfortable with an eclectic decor comprised of vintage, neon, tropical prints and tiki themes. The check-in desk has a backdrop of flip-flops, the lobby ceiling is adorned with upsidedown grass umbrella chandeliers and the walls are covered with greenery and parrots.

Guest rooms come in different shapes and sizes but all are outfitted with comfy beds, a full bathroom and quirky decor. Our room had a feature wall of a giant tile smiley face, a neon palm tree, a skateboard shelf and tropical print curtains. This description may come off as sounding a tad tacky but it’s far from it. Somehow they’ve pulled it off and have created a cool, fun and comforting oasis that you’ll find hard to leave.

In addition to the experiences at the hotel, Sarah was of course also on the road in Hamburg. What she experienced there and what you should definitely see, she tells in his blog post: A Work & Play Long Weekend in Hamburg

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