8 Fun Things to Do in Hamburg – by Daryl and Mindi Hirsch

The two 2foodtrippers Deryl and Mindi were not for the first time in Hamburg. But during their last visit they have collected so many impressions that they have written such a substantial and exciting article that it would have been enough for several.

They narrowed it down to eight things: 1. Get Your Groove on During a Beatles Tour, 2. Go Big at Miniatur Wunderland, 3. Eat Your Way Around the City, 4. Bond over Brunch, 5. Get Your Art on at Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe (MKG), 6. Drink All the Coffee, 7. Take a Day Trip to Lüneburg, 8. Get Merry at Hamburg’s Christmas Markets.

In addition, there are some tips on what to consider on your trip to Hamburg for the itinerary. We love the post, so please read it: HERE!

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