About the Local Cuisine in Hamburg by the world in my pocket

When Joanna was in Hamburg for ReBoot22 conference, she pursued her second passion at the same time: Food! The first question that had to be answered was, of course, whether the hamburger comes from Hamburg!?

Well, kind of! Whilst America takes credit as the inventor of the hamburger, it was actually the emigrants who left the port of Hamburg for the States back in the 19th century who brought in the concept of minced meat between two buns. The hamburger has its origins in the German “frikadelle”, a pan-fried flattish meatball, made from minced meat. After several visits to the city, she have quite a few favourite places, from traditional north German restaurants, to coffee places and street food stalls.

But Hamburg’s cuisine is so much more than hamburgers. In her article, she want to tell you about where to eat in Hamburg. So please click into her blog post , get hungry and want to travel to Hamburg.

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