Best outdoor and open-air activities to do in Hamburg by nomadic chica

Gloria from nomadic chica was visiting Hamburg in August and she felt safe, thanks to all the measures taken in hotels, restaurants, and public transportation regarding the current pandemics.

Germany in general is a very green country contrary what Gloria always though, but you find in most cities several green areas and parks to relax and refill your energy. Hamburg is one of the greenest cities in Germany and Europe, with more than 100 square metres of green areas per resident. Our city has 36 natural reserves making a total 22% of landscape and water protected areas, including the Alster lake located right in the middle of the city, making Hamburg a great destination to enjoy time shopping and visiting historical and cultural places, but also making the most out in nature.

Find some of her favorite activities to do at open-air in the city, restaurants, and cafes with nice terraces to enjoy during the summer, and areas to explore walking during the whole year. Just read Glorias blogpost HERE.

More most beautiful sights tipps what you should have seen.


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