The ideal summer city trip to Hamburg. Sights, art and culture, lots of water and a wide range of activities.

As the greenest city in Germany, you will find many parks and recreational facilities directly on the waterfront in Hamburg. Especially in summer, Hamburg is ideal for a city trip. The mixture of sights, art and culture, together with numerous local recreation areas, lots of water and a wide range of water sports activities make for a varied vacation. Nadja from the blog travelprincess was also enthusiastic about the Hanseatic city and visited some of the most beautiful cafes and restaurants on the waterfront.

Through the vastness of the city of Hamburg, the city’s residents and visitors spread out in their outdoor activities. All safety requirements due to the hygiene measures were easily met.

Nadja from the Travelprincess blog chose the hostel Superbude as the perfect starting point for her trip through the Hanseatic city.

The prejudice that the weather in Hamburg is generally worse than elsewhere is fortunately not true and so she had a wonderful weekend in Hamburg. Whoever takes city trips in summer knows the problem that it is often simply too hot for sightseeing or sports activities. Exactly for such hot days a city trip to Hamburg is perfect. With the mixture of the sights of a big city, cooling down on the water and the partly Mediterranean flair, Hamburg is perfect for a summer vacation under the motto: Wind – Distance – Water.

More from her trip, where she was and what she recommends you can find on her blog, HERE.

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