Blue Port 2017 – A light art project for the harbour of Hamburg

From September 1st to September 10th the entire harbour will be illumintated in blue by artist Michael Batz. Starting every day at 8.30 pm, various buildings, ships and even Hamburg’s biggest crane will „turn blue“.

10 Days of Blue Port in Hamburg

This year’s project consists of two pillars: Blue Port (1. – 7. of September) and Blue Event (8. – 10. September) during Hamburg Cruise Days. Every second year, artist Michael Batz illuminates around 100 of Hamburg’s most famous sights, industrial spaces and ships with over 9.000 blue light-elements, since 2008. During Blue Port, Hamburg appears as a giant blue artwork featuring highlights like Chilehaus and the bridges of UNESCO world-heritage Speicherstadt or Kontorhausviertel.

This event is a must see not only for tourists but also for locals. So be sure to be part of this unique experience – and visit the Blue Port.


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