Manjulikas Pramod’s first Impressions of Hamburg

Manjulikas 5 favourite Picks of Hamburg Locations:

  • Take the HVV Ferry from Landungsbrücken pier and experience a to and fro ride. You may step down at the fish market.
  • The town hall or the most important building of the city. Rathaus is the seat of the legislative assembly and cabinet of Hamburg with 647 rooms. You may take a guide to take you around and you may just admire its beauty by spending some time around its vicinity.
  • The walk inside the Alter Elbtunnel which is built at a depth of 23.5 m/77 feet. This is an amazing example of engineering. The tunnel was built in 1907-1911 and it is the shortest direct connection between St Pauli and Steinwerder.
  • The canals meandering through the 20th century German brick architecture. “Chilehaus” resembles a ship’s bow and, according to UNESCO, “represents the most significant artistic and architectural achievement of German Brick Expressionism.”
  • I like street art and therefore I would always suggest Hamburg‘s  graffiti in St. Pauli. Street art has so much to say about cities culture, people, colours and vibes.

Manjulika stayed at the YOHO (The Young Hotel).

You could find more about her trip at her blog:

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