„Heisse Ecke“ The St. Pauli Musical

Schmidts Tivoli Heisse Ecke

„Heisse Ecke“ The St. Pauli Musical

Snack bar “Heisse Ecke” on the famous Reeperbahn in Hamburg is the meeting place for the whole quarter of St. Pauli. The guys from the suburb Mikie, Frankie and Pitter, who want to have fun at their bachelor party; the old couple Mr. and Mrs. Straube, who share romantic thoughts about their first encounter; the Bavarian tourists; the gambler Kurt, who always dreams of winning big; or the prostitutes Nadja, Sylvie und Martina on the way to their shift – here they all get a coffee, a beer or a hot curried sausage. And a cheeky comment will always come free!

Enjoy the experience of 24 hours at “Heisse Ecke”! Encounter a fascinating world of lovers and losers, weirdos and regular blokes.

Every evening, there are nine performers in more than 50 parts and costumes on stage to present 22 wonderful songs and an intoxicating, racy show. Audience and critics agree: this musical is marvelous!


„Heisse Ecke“ – The St. Pauli Musical
at Schmidts Tivoli

Shows: Tuesday / Thursday – Saturday 8pm | Wednesday / Sunday 7pm
Tickethotline: +49 40 31 778 899


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