Kampnagel is Germany’s largest production and performance facility for national and international freelance artists and is one of the most reputable venue for the performing arts. In 1984, after the Deutsche Schauspielhaus had left the venue, the former crane factory was rebuilt into a multifunctional theatre building. Each season, with its six stages, the cinema, rehearsal space and the restaurant, Kampnagel attracts annually 180,000 visitors. As a whole, Kampnagel presents roughly 100 premieres, debut performances and nonrecurring events per season.

Kampnagel offers a wide spectrum of productions, ranging from projects of the independent Hamburg theatre scene to international guest performances and co-productions.

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Kampnagel presents a spectrum of aesthetical standpoints and groundbreaking tendencies not only in theater, dance and performance, but also in music, the fine arts and architecture.

Kampnagel is a productive laboratory for ideas, a think tank, a place for controversy, but also a vivid concert hall, music lounge, club. It works on new formats, that seek to explore contemporary forms of public life, communication, interaction, participation and knowledge transfer. Kampnagel is not only a temple for the fine arts. It is open to the society and the surroundings.


Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik GmbH
Jarrestraße 20
D-22303 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 270 949 0

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