Hotel Review: Hotel Bellmoor in Hamburg

While in Hamburg, Marlene Bak Cohr stayed at Hotel Bellmoor im Dammtorpalais. This is a copy of her blogpost on Hike My Heart Out:

On my trip to Hamburg I stayed at Hotel Bellmoor im Dammtorpalais on a sponsored stay. Read my review of the hotel here, if you consider where to stay on your city break in Hamburg.

When I was invitied to Hamburg I stayed at Hotel Bellmoor im Dammtorpalais. The hotel is right next to Dammtor Station, so it’s very easy to get around in the city. From the airport you only have to change S-train once to get there, and it was quite easy.

The old hotel is in a historical building, where there is also a bunch of other hotels on the other floors. Hotel Bellmoor is located on some of the top floors, which is actually quite nice. Then you get the view and you get further away from the noise at street level. There is also an elevator, so it’s not a problem with the luggage.

The room

When I arrived at the hotel late in the afternoon I was welcomed at the reception. I was showed to my double room with balcony and bathroom, where I would stay for the next two nights.

The room was very spacious, and there would have been plenty of space for my husband as well, if I weren’t on a solo trip. Everything seemed pleasant, and I noticed how clean the room and bathroom was. The bed was comfortable as well and the room contained a desk and a little lounge area with chairs and table. The decoration might not be the most modern, but the old style fits the hotel. Everything is well maintained, even though the style of the hotel is a little outdated.

In the room there was sparkling water, chocolate and an apple ready for me when I arrived. But there was no kettle on the room – something I think every hotel room needs. At least for a coffee and tea lover like me. I went to the reception to ask for a cup of hot water, and not many minutes after I got a cup and a travel kettle to take to my room. Voila – problem solved – and I could enjoy a cup of evening-tea.


The area

I don’t know if it was the time of year (beginning of October), but it was very quiet at the hotel. No noise from other guests or from street level. All in all the hotel is located in a quiet and calm neighbourhood. Even though it’s close to Dammtor Station and the vibrant Grindel area with lots of cafées and restaurants, the hotel is in an area surrounded by old buildings with a historical atmosphere. It actually reminds me a little of the cozy brownstones in New York. A little exclusive and cozy all at once.

The hotel is also close to a little park, and it’s not far from the Alster river as well. Im thinking it’s a good place for families with children or elderly, who want to retreat from the city. If you want to be right in the middle of the action then this is not the place to stay. But with a location so close to a big trainstation it’s not difficult at all the get around the city.


There is all the basics and everything you need to be satiated. At the breakfast there is yoghurt, granola, fruit, softboiled egg, breadbasket and a selection of meet and cheese. And there was nutella as well – and butter of course.

The breakfast room is very nice. It’s furnished and decorated in an old style that matches the rest of the hotel. Some might call the style oldfashioned. In every case it’s not modern, but it suits the atmosphere of the hotel and the historical building.


The service

Generally, there was a very fine service at the hotel. The receptionist and the breakfast personel was very nice. Also, the day I was leaving and checking out, my flight departed in the evening which meant I had a whole day in Hamburg. I asked if I could check out a little later or just leave my luggage at the hotel. Unfortunately my room was booked, but the receptionist was so kind to offer me another room I could stay in for the rest of the day. I think that it’s really great service. To me, that meant I had a much nicer day. I could go out and make the most of the day, but I still got back to take a nap at the hotel before going to the airport late in the afternoon.

All in all a very nice hotel experience. They win on the good service, ’cause it’s not because there is something extraordinary about the hotel itself. It’s kind of nice though with the oldfashioned style, even though it’s probably not for everyone. It’s not a modern experience to stay at Hotel Bellmoor, but it’s cozy, quiet and the rooms are clean and spacious.


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