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Located in the heart of Wilhelmsburg’s Reiherstieg district, Kaffeeklappe is a lesson in integration.

The interior is decorated using refurbished antique furniture with strong, natural wood pieces. A large, antiquarian map of an aerial view of Hamburg circa 1910 hangs above the dining room style table. There are cozy corners with old record players and a nice seating area in front of the café’s large windows to bask in when the sun shines. It is a meeting place of sorts, a snapshot of the cultural landscape of Wilhelmsburg.

The café strives to maintain inclusion of both locals and the ever-growing number of young students who stay informed about biologically sustained food products. The owners keep the price of their locally harvested coffee, by Black Delight, affordable for the pensioners that come in loyally every morning. For the young, conscious crowd, all food products proudly carry the Demeter label, resulting in some of the best breakfast eggs and cakes you will taste.

It has only been open for a year but is already a firm favorite in an up and coming quarter of Hamburg and their popularity is steadily rising. There is nowhere else where you will find an honest reflection of the neighborhoods residents, transplants, and tourists. The owners have exemplified what it means to be a good café: biologically conscious food, excellent coffee by one of Hamburg’s best roasters, and taking care of the customers they serve. Kaffeeklappe is a must visit in a unique part of Hamburg that may take a little while to get there but will have you coming back time and time again.


Fährstraße 69
D-21107 Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg


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