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“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

The RabbitHole quietly opened March 2016. Most people have yet to hear about it but the people in the industry who know Constanze Lay have already been there many, many times.

Constanze has a vision. It is simple yet elegant, honest and open, and most of all committed to giving people an experience. The RabbitHole is on Kleine Freiheit on a street coming alive with small businesses, ateliers, and cafes. There are emerald green banks lining the long windows, leather chesterfields in the two cigar rooms in the back, and the smell of fresh herbs and house-made infusions and syrups. You are filled with calm and excitement, embarking on the titillating world of cocktails.

The menu purposely lacks brand names in the cocktail descriptions, keeping the focus on experiencing the drink. Every month there is a house cocktail like the Bunny Bangkok which is gin, strawberry, thai basil syrup and lime. With each house special you receive something small to eat like a strawberry sorbet.

You will not see advertisements for the RabbitHole, no placards or stickers lining the bathrooms of bars. Constanze isn’t interested in making a fuss, preferring people finding their way there organically and through word of mouth. The place speaks for itself. She wants to make cocktail bars less threatening, more universal rather than a special niche. She wants to give the people something they like but with the added surprise of not knowing it was wrapped in a cocktail.

The RabbitHole is the quintessential place for the generous experience. With infusions made from a cold drip (normally a contraption used for coffee), classic cocktails with a twist, and a special shelf of Edokko whiskeys, its a place you can relax and discover, knowing what you are drinking is of the finest homemade and tested ingredients.


You leave your reality by front door, settle in on one of the comfortable chesterfields, and allow your senses to venture to another universe in which possibilities come in different cocktails.


The Rabbithole
Kleine Freiheit 42
D-22767 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0) 40 753 64 333
Facebook: The Rabbithole

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