Kitchen Concerts in Saint Pauli

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Saint Pauli is perhaps best known for it’s legendary football club and it’s super fans, but many people around the world are also familiar with the neighborhood for it’s live music scene, most notably the Beatles days in the Kaiserkeller and Indra Club. Although that was 60 years ago, both venues are going strong with a nightly program of local and touring bands, but for those of you looking for something off the beaten path, the neighborhood’s cultural center KOELIBRI offers a special monthly dinner concerts „Kuechen Konzert“ (kitchen concert).

©Chad Popple

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The music program here is as diverse as the food served. I have heard music from North and South America, Europe and Asia performed in the KOELIBRI. As the concerts are entrance free (donations are greatly appreciated for both the food and entertainment), the risk is not high if the evening’s performance is not your cup of tea. The photos shown here are from the concert on February 24th featuring a Russian folk duo of IGOR LISOV and DEE KOURTSMAN from St. Petersburg and a local Hamburg group named SMOKY TEXAS. Although the group was advertised as „Chancon Pop Rock“, their music was a mix of reggae, ska, and country punk. The food served was a delicious Arab vegetarian dish with bulgar and a mint joghurt sauce. A pleasure for all the senses!

Last Friday of every month: food and music for donations
GWA St.Pauli KOELIBRI Hein-Koellisch-Platz 12
20359 Hamburg

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