The Markthalle

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The Markthalle is one of the top locations for live music in Hamburg. Having the capacity of 1,000 people, a who’s who of popular music have performed here before they began filling stadiums. A short list includes superstars such as Guns N’ Roses, U2, AC/DC, The Police, Dio, Run D.M.C., Phish, R.E.M., Scorpions, Suicidal Tendencies, Soundgarden, WuTangClan…. the list goes on and on. If you are looking for a rock, metal, pop, punk, or hip hop concert in Hamburg, it would be wise to check the Markthalle’s program first.

20170316_The Markthalle_Chad Popple

Markthalle Hamburg is located only a short walk from the Hauptbahnhof central station in the Muenzviertel neighborhood. Built in 1913, the club was originally a flower and vegetable market hall. It was converted into a music venue on New Year’s Day 1976; the first concert being the famed German kraut rock band Embryo. The entrance is on the Klosterwall just opposite a delicious Chinese restaurant named Vinh-Loi. A great place for a meal before a concert.

Having recently attended the sold-out concert of Meshuggah with support band High On Fire, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I was inside the Markthalle. German order in full effect. In no time at all I was ordering my drinks at the bar where I was once again happily surprised: they have a good selection and it is reasonably priced. After paying $12 for a beer at a concert in the US last summer, I was glad to see standard bar prices at the Markthalle (5 Euros for local Astra and Duckstein beer). Being a non-smoker, I was also pleased that they have a strict no smoking policy at the venue, which is not always the case in clubs.

Although the concert was sold-out, we weren’t packed like sardines. I found the perfect spot on the balcony with full view of the band, crowd and amazing light show. The icing on the cake was a last drink in peace after the concert in the Markthalle bar. In my aforementioned concert in the USA, the crowd was pushed out on the streets immediately after the last note. I was thankful for the friendly and organized service at the Markthalle.

Markthalle Hamburg
Klosterwall 11, 20095 Hamburg

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