Meet locals at Aurel

The definition of aurel relates to the sense of hearing, and that is what Aurel bar has done: listened to the changing times and adapted itself to stay young and free.

Don’t be discouraged by the beautiful crowd laundering outside of Aurel. They look like they belong their, long legs wrapped under stylish bodies. Hipster chic, they sit on all available outdoor seating, including the curb facing the bar. Get through the doors anyway and you will be rewarded.

The bar tenders are also all young and beautiful and most importantly, nice and open. They serve you their signature drink Caipirinha as fast as possible, never having to wait in the long lines that are so often in the bars of Germany. They are known for fast, friendly service, a flexibility and autonomy that is hard to find elsewhere.

The walls are covered in wall paper, before wall paper became cool again. One wall is dedicated to old postcards, and if you take the time, you will know about the family of Kurt Wartmann intimately. There are photos wrapping around one of the pillars, caught moments of smiling faces, snippets into friendships and lives. You get the feeling it is a family here, and that is precisely what it is.  80% of the bar goers are regulars, which indicates the closeness it fosters. Every Friday and Saturday there are DJ’s and the closing time coincides with how the party is going, which thankfully is often late.

It is the place to go if you want to meet the locals, make new friends, and see where the night may bring you. You can return there during the day, sip a cappuccino, enjoy the families with their young babies who come in the morning, and slowly watch Ottensen wake up.


Bahrenfelder Straße 157
D-22765 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 390 27 27

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