On a discovery tour in the Speicherstadt through the UNESCO World Heritage. On the road with Travelinspired.

Even in the past, the scent of the big wide world wafted through Hamburg’s Speicherstadt. Exotic foodstuffs such as coffee, tea and spices were stored, refined and packaged in the world’s largest warehouse complex. Even today, you can still imagine the hustle and bustle of times long past when cargo ships from all over the world moored in front of the pretty warehouses during a walk through the Speicherstadt.

In the meantime, things are much quieter here. However, you should not miss a visit, because the Speicherstadt has many attractions to offer. In the Miniatur Wunderland, railroad fans get their money’s worth, in the Hamburg Dungeon you can get really spooked and immerse yourself in the world of the blind at Dialogue in the Dark. Numerous exciting museums also await you in the Speicherstadt, such as the Spice Museum, the Customs Museum and the Speicherstadt Museum.

A quite wonderful walk and many great tips for museums and more can be found at the Blog from Kathrin and Kristin: travel inspired

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