Sarajane on tour in Hamburg


The former slaughterhouse turned rock & roll/indie music club, the KNUST is welcoming Hamburg’s own SARAJANE back to it’s stage at the beginning of November 2016.  The group celebrated the record release party for their debut album „#Step One“ last year.

Originally from lower Saxony,  singer/songwriter SaraJane McMinn founded her band in Hamburg during her studies at the Hamburg School of Music in 2005.  After the expected line-up changes over the past eleven years, SaraJane will perform with long-time colleugues Julian Domke (bass), Marcel „Cello“ Reiner (guitar), Yoscheba Schnetter (vocals), Yasmin Khaleghi (vocals), and the Hurricane Horns of Hubert Fersterer.

The band’s first single „Moving Up“ from the album Step One is SaraJane’s personal ‚happy’ song, one that was written never to forget your dreams, even when times get tough.  SaraJane is realizing her dreams by doing all that it takes to make them happen: not only is she the singer/songwriter,  but also the band promoter, event organiser, booker, driver, cook, secretary and even the boss of her record label McNificent Music.

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Many singers throughout the world choose to sing in English as opposed to their mother tongue for the obvious reason of gaining a greater international audience base.   Over the years I have met a number of singers who sang in English but had a very weak grasp of the language.  This is not the case with Mrs. McMill’s texts.  As she grew up in an English speaking family, she sings in the language that she dreams in: English.

The KNUST was established in 1976 and has continued to host a long list of great bands, either before their big breakthrough, eg. REM’s and HEATHER NOVA’s first Hamburg performance,  or for the lesser mainstream stars eg. MESHUGGAH, HELMUT, or MELVINS.  The venue is located across the street from the underground train station U Feldstrasse.  Doors open at 19:00.  Concert begins at 20:00.


Neuer Kamp 30
D-20367 Hamburg


© c-annemone-taake-photographie_sarajane-tour


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