SHALIMAR – Cooking is humanity’s divine artistry

Cooking is humanity’s divine artistry, they say in India. The Indian restaurant Shalimar provides a luxurious setting for this exquisite food culture, which you can experience in each of our dishes. This Indian temple in the heart of Hamburg brings a small piece of Orient into the Hanseatic city.

The approximately 80 seats in the restaurant, 30 in the lounge and the large outdoor terrace are just as popular with new guests as in the case of family visitors. “The Shalimar stands for variety from spicy to mild, our self-ground spices give our dishes a distinctive and delicious taste”, promises restaurant boss and celebrity host Sonja Singh.

Indian cuisine offers so many possibilities that it could hardly be described even in 1001night. Experience an unforgettable evening at the Shalimar, dive in for a few hours and leave your everyday life behind. Enjoy the fine, traditional cuisine of India in the stylish ambience with its bar, lounge and large terrace in the lovely courtyard. Be inspired and transfered to the fascinating world of India by the columns and doors with gold leaf, the shimmering bar, antique Indian chairs and gods figures that set in the restaurant and lounge area exclusive accents and convey Indian life, but also reflect Bollywood film associations.

Indian food culture in luxurious surrounding for three decades

The Shalimar enjoys long-standing popularity. Already music stars like Aerosmith, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Joe Cocker and many more were served here Chicken-Tikka, Lamb-Bhuna or the famous “Reistafeln”. The international guests, many of whom have immortalized themselves in the legendary guest books, came by spontaneously due to the proximity to all the big hotels and were enthusiastic. For three decades now the guests enjoy masterfully, exquisite Indian food culture in a luxurious setting.

Enjoy the perfect composition and harmony of the Indian cuisine

Our traditional Indian cuisine is based on the knowledge of the medicinal effects of food, herbs and spices. The perfect composition and harmony is an essential part of our Shalimar philosophy. All the dishes are created and served in the sense of human pleasures for the eye, the sense of smell and the taste, that for Shalimar means: The purest of all human pleasures! So the name Shalimar is a promise to our guests. Enjoy the purest of all human pleasures. We look forward to you!

SHALIMAR – The Indian Restaurant at ABC-Forum
ABC-Straße 46-48 | 20354 Hamburg | Germany
Telephone: +49 40-44 24-84

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