A relaxing family weekend in Hamburg – Rosa’s tips!

Since Rosa from the blog conscious lifestyle of mine has children, she travels with her family actually only somewhere in the Naur, because children and big city have always associated with stress. But now it was so that her big daughter has wanted very much for many months to visit the Miniaturwunderland in Hamburg and so they have dared and went with two small children in the big city. And how was it? They had a wonderful, absolutely relaxed and stress-free weekend!

When we were looking for the right hotel, it was clear to us that we needed something that was quiet and offered us real relaxation. The choice fell on the Wälderhaus in Wilhemsburg.

They had a great, relaxed and beautiful time together in Hamburg and of course in the Miniaturwunderland. You can find their tips for a family weekend in Hamburg on her blog: consciouslifestyleofmine.com

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