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street food session

You know when you have tapped into a need when your first event draws over 100,000 people. That is what Jochen Manske, who organized the first Food Truck festival, found out. Thanks to him and the team of the historic Spielbudenplatz, Street Food Session was born, giving us weekly doses of creative and delicious eats.

food trucks spielbudenplatz

Food trucks began as a cheaper alternative to restaurants, quick and variable in their quality. They have since changed, almost unrecognizable to their predecessors. In Hamburg, they tend to be gourmet, cutting edge, and of the highest quality ingredients that are locally sourced.

Every Thursday at the Spielbudenplatz, anywhere between 20-25 food trucks gather attracting food lovers from all over the city. You can get your fill of burgers, falafels and vegan as well as Korean and Mexican. Round your meal off with your first rolling ice outside of Thailand, by the Rolling Ice truck, and a cappuccino from Coffee Bike Hamburg. Each truck has its own unique spin on food but they all share one trait; they pride themselves on high quality. It’s a great opportunity to discuss food, often meeting the owners of these trucks. Knowing where your food comes from, watching how it is made in front of you, and seeing the face behind is an experience worth having.

Twice a year Jochen organizes a Food Truck Festival. It is similar to the weekly sessions, but grander and more international. There are between 35-40 food trucks with this year some joining from the Netherlands and Spain, as well as other parts of Germany. It is the biggest food truck festival in Northern Germany, a three day event that takes over a weekend, complete with live music.

There are over 60 food trucks circulating in Hamburg. With the foresight of Jochen, who was the initiator and organizer in finding places for them to park and do business, the community continues to grow. Jochen says in the end it is about bringing people together to discuss about food and culture, and to have a good time over an enjoyable meal.

food trucks spielbudenplatz

Hamburg has always been a city that bands together, that is entrepreneurial, creative and diverse. Attending the Food Truck Session and the festival is a beautiful personification of the city. One that is international, open, and of the very best quality.

Information on Street Food Session & Festival including list of trucks: HERE!

Don’t miss the next Food Truck Festival! September 9-11, 2016


food trucks spielbudenplatz

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