Tide Runners Hamburg

Tide Runners Hamburg

The first thing you notice is the enthusiasm. High fives, hugs, smiles and positive energy. You wouldn’t believe that most of them meet weekly, every Wednesday night at the Superbude and that they often stay in contact outside of these meetings, their friendships growing from a common interest. Welcome to Tide Runners, a magical group of athletes who share more than shoes on pavements.

Tide Runners was began by a Hamburg native, Henning Heide, and two of his friends. It has grown rapidly since its conception 2 years ago, with their popularity even peaking the interest of the running industry. Henning wanted a space weekly where he could meet his friends for a beer and came up with the idea of Tide Runners; a space to do what he loved, running and the opportunity to socialize with friends. Those are the two key points that makes up this unique group and what ties them deeply.

A typical Wednesday starts with people arriving around 30 minutes early to mix and mingle, welcome newcomers, and get ready for the run. At 9:00pm sharp, everyone congregates outside where Henning tells the route, as it is different every week. There are always two heads, Henning who sets the pace, and another designated runner who stays at the back, insuring the slowest is not left behind. In fact the slowest defines the pace, showing you what type of running group this is, that they run as a unit and take care of eachother. They generally run around 15km but always stop halfway for the group that only wants to do half, thoughtfully near a train or bus station. After the run, the socializing begins in the beautiful lounge of Superbude. All ages, all levels and all genders are welcome. In a given week there can be anywhere from 70-100 active runners giving one the opportunity to meet the interesting cross section of Hamburg.

For most running begins as something else is ending. A chapter in life, a job, a relationship. Running is an opportunity to get fit, to challenge oneself, to try something new. Most of the Tide Runners echo these sentiments and add that it is also a refuge. A group that is a second family, greeting you each week with the same intensity of one coming back from a long journey. Accepted, celebrated, and welcomed.

A great way to stay fit and have fun during your travels!


Meeting Point:
Tide Runners every Wednesday at 9:00pm.
Superbude St. Pauli Hotel Hostel Lounge
Juliusstraße 1 – 7
D-22769 Hamburg

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