Superbude Altona

Are you in the mood for tropical relaxing? Paradise ahead! In the colorful Superbude in Altona, you can forget the time in the indoor Jungle. And that is in the middle of Hamburg! Only a few minutes‘ walks from the colorful, romantic Ottensen lies our inner-city paradise and invites visitors and locals to experience it.

The colourful designed double rooms are available in three different categories –  M, L und XL. Some of these rooms have a balcony, others come without. All rooms are equipped with a super comfortable bed, a walk-in bathroom with a separate toilet and everything that goes with it (daily soap, velvety towels, fluffy bed linen).

Some have an indoor jungle, others a chill-area, and  others have the best indie magazines instead of a TV.  Here you can find the perfect room ready for everyone. Superbude also take special care of small groups and  families travelling. They offer a four-bed solution and two Band Suites which can be customized and shared based on individual needs.

Everyone can relax here! Rocking your flip-flops for breakfast, or you just like sipping your Piña colada on the rooftop, before picking up a little family present from the in-house second-hand shop? Treat yourself and whenever you need someone of the crew, they are there for you!

Cozy sitting areas, indoor plants and mini-bar everything you need for a boogie-boogie vibe to float throughout the day at ease. The central train station Altona and the beautiful neighbourhood of Ottensen is only 10 min away from the Superbude. Alternatively, you can also get there by bus which will depart only 2 min away from the hotel.

Small boutique shops line up with iconic pubs, family-friendly cafés and fancy shops. In addition, the Elbe beach is only within a few min walking distance. Just like the rest of the city, you are well-connected from here. Whether by public transport, by bike or by foot – that’s up to you! At the Superbude Altona we think in colourful designs and offer a fully equipped conference rooms for your creative and productive meetings. If you are looking for an inspiring event location, definitely take a look.

Superbude Altona Paradise
Paul-Dessau-Straße 2
D-22761 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 855070

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