A magical weekend in Hamburg: cultural tips & sustainable accommodation by Freiseindesign

Hamburg is always worth a trip. If you ask Friederike, more than one. But time and money often get in the way and so we usually try to squeeze as many exciting and interesting experiences as possible into the framework of a stay. This can be stressful at some corners and ends, because it is a fine line between balance and overloading. That’s why Friederike from the blog FreiseinDesign gives you an insight into a very special trip and some interesting and sustainable inspirations that will surely inspire and enchant you.

On her travels this year, Friederike has already visited magic stores in Bruges and Lille, but it is something completely different whether you just stroll through here, or are already full of anticipation. Because one of their eagerly awaited Hamburg highlights was definitely the play: „Harry Potter – and the Enchanted Child“. Her tip: You should definitely book your tickets in advance. Believe her when she says; the time of anticipation alone can be quite something.

With the sun in the luggage, Friederike and her mother (who got this trip for her birthday – congratulations also from us) had the incredible luck to experience Hamburg in autumn at the warmest temperatures and in the most beautiful sunshine. They spent the morning visiting the City Hall and the Binnalster, indulging in a bit of window shopping and curiously looking over the shoulders of the Hamburgers as they strolled and enjoyed themselves. We greeted the Michel, the Jungfernstieg and the Gängeviertel. Of course, a day later it was also the turn of Hamburg’s harbor.

They chose the Wälderhaus, a hotel that is not located directly in the city center – and for good reason: The Raphael Hotel Wälderhaus is an ecological and sustainable 3-star superior hotel, which is located on the Elbe island Wilhelmsburg, directly at a city park.

The hotel surprised in so many places in a positive way. For example, there is not only much to see and explore, but also to learn. Each of the 82 rooms is assigned to a different native tree or shrub. And in each of these rooms, visitors will find further small exciting information about this plant.

If you’re Harry Potter fans, read the post. If you want to become a fan, read the article. And if you are not a fan yet and don’t know why, then read the article and be sure, Friederike knows it! Thank you for this detailed and beautiful post. Here’s to your next trip and many magical experiences.


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