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The Taste “Fest Der Künste” festival takes place upcoming weekend on the 27th  & 28th of August 2016 in Hamburg.

It made its debut in 2015. They had 2,500 people attend solidifying their importance in the festival scene of Hamburg. Sandra Fröde the organizer of theatrical and film background, tapped into a missing vein; giving space for regular people to test, return, or enhance their taste in art.

This year’s festival will take place in the same venue, the two story non profit factory space Kolbenhof in Altona. There will be 22 artists and eight musicians. Artists such as tattooist Kathrin Ingwerson and Stefan Kuhnigk of Coffeemonsters fame will be doing live shows. There are not many festivals you can walk away with fresh ink on your body and the chance to see a coffeemonster came alive on paper.

Sandra began this project with the thought of bringing art to everyday people in an unpretentious environment. With the help of co organizer Nadine Wöbs, this years’ festival will be cozy and authentic, allowing people with varying degrees of art appreciation to open up their minds and hearts. The artists are all present which gives the chance to interact with the visitors.

In front of Kolbenhof there will be vegan and local food trucks where you can get your fill on specialty coffee, drinks, and food. The entrance fee is purposely low so that everyone can attend which keeps the atmosphere of free spirit alive.

This cross genre festival showcases artists mainly from Hamburg, with one from Denmark and several from Berlin this year. There will be everything from music to fashion to photography to design and crafts. The focus last year and every year is the exchange between artists and visitors.

It’s one of the best festivals to see what the creatives of Hamburg are working on. The audience, like the artists, are varied from different backgrounds and ages. Taste Fest der Künste is diverse, the goal being that people go there to exchange ideas and contacts and perhaps come back in the future with a collaboration. The vision of giving space where everyone’s tastes to mingle in a relaxing environment is a gift. Everyone can go there and be inspired, knowing that each persons taste is unique and can co exists without judgment.


TASTE – Fest der Künste 27. & 28. August 2016
Rellinger Straße 65
D-20257 Hamburg


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