The Garden of Butterflies

Approximately an hour away from the city, easily accessible by S-Bahn, you will discover another world where aristocratic families strolled and Otto von Bismarck spent his last days. It feels like an adventure, going through the old forest, to get to this precious greenhouse housing rare butterflies. Germany’s oldest Butterfly Garden is located in the heart of the Saschenwald Forest, on noble land owned by the von Bismarscks. To get to it you must take a long scenic walk where you will pass the Eisenbahn Museum and a large field fenced in with wild horses.

The butterflies are housed in a habitat with a tropical temperature and humidity. They fly around freely, their brilliant wings flapping past you and landing on shoulders. Its a fascinating biodiversity with fish, birds, plants and butterflies sharing a greenhouse. Depending on the time of year and cycle, you can see the metamorphosis of some of the caterpillar into butterflies. They have butterflies from all over the world including paper kite, owl butterfly, and atlas.

Outside there is a garden where you can take a walk, a playground for children to keep busy, and a cafe. There is also a gift store where you can buy butterfly paraphernalia, toys, books, and info about the von Bismarck family.

Try the Harlekin Ristorante and Pizzeria directly next to the S-bahn Aumühle on your way home. It may look dated but the pizza is extremely good! A nice treat before you take the train back to Hamburg.

Spending a day watching these creatures, hoping to take photo of them in flight, gives you insight into a perspective you may have not known much about. It is an inspiring sight to see and an enjoyable journey getting there – a feast for the senses. They are open seasonally from the beginning of spring until the end of fall.


Garten der Schmetterlinge
Am Schloßteich 8
D-21521 Friedrichsruh

Phone: +49 04 104 6037

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