Stand Up Paddling in Hamburg

Summer is here in Hamburg and it’s the best (and only) time of year to enjoy the warm weather! You can tell when the weather’s good, because everyone is suddenly outside. Hamburg knows how to enjoy the good weather: everyone’s in the park, eating ice cream and appreciating time with friends. A really good way to make the most of the sunshine is by doing outside sports!

Stand Up Paddling on the Alster is a great way to get a little exercise, cool off, and have fun in the sun!  There are four locations where you can rent a board in Hamburg, just google stand up paddle and you’ll find various shops located along Hamburg’s waterways. We went to Alster Surfer, located directly on the Alster at Mündsburger Brücke. It’s easily accessible by bus (take the 6, 37, 172, 173, or the 607) or by train with a walk from Uhlandstraße (U3).The shop is located right next to a restaurant and from there you can either paddle into the channels or onto the open lake.

Getting on the board the first time is a little nerve wracking, but it’s pretty easy after a couple minutes. If you have okay balance, then you don’t have to swim if you don’t want to! Even though it’s called stand up paddle boarding, you can also sit down and paddle, or find a nice place to „park“ and even lay down in the sunshine while having a nice chat. Also check out SUP yoga for an extra challenge!

Once on the water, there are so many things to see. The channels are framed by beautiful greenery and charming houses. There are waterside cafes and restaurants as well where you can stop and enjoy a snack. As you paddle, you can see ferry-, paddle-, and small sail boats as well as canoes. Stand Up Paddling is a great way to experience a different side of Hamburg and appreciate it’s nature!


Alster Surfer
Mundsburger Brücke
Armgartstraße 7
D-22087 Hamburg

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