Tips and ideas from Andy Sparkles for a weekend in Hamburg at „Schietwetter“!

Andy Sparkles has visited Hamburg so often and almost always in bright sunshine. But this time it should not be like that. At the beginning of July – with bad weather – Andy and her friend were in Hamburg and still had a wonderful time! In her blog she presents you tips and ideas for your trip to Hamburg, in case it should be rainy there: Wochenende in Hamburg bei Schietwetter – Tipps und Ideen!

Her hotel, the PIERDREI Hotel, was only a few minutes from the train station and very centrally located in the Hafencity. Modern in industrial style, with many harbour elements and a very comfortable bed, it was the perfect starting point for their weekend.


More tipps for a day in the rain in Hamburg:

The best alternatives for a rainy day

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