Treat yourself – a night in a hotel, time for two, not having to cook for once, finally sleeping in, a massage, a drink at the hotel bar, yes, maybe even two. The list of things that have become a distant memory since the pandemic began is truly endless. The last few months have made the familiar unfamiliar. First, people were not allowed to do many things, now they hardly dare to do them. Yet it is so important to finally reward oneself again, to cradle one’s soul in other beds and to inspire one’s palate in other kitchens. Simply live again.

In fact, the vacation was waiting for Kate Glitter and her husband almost on their doorstep. They packed their suitcases, dropped the kids off at grandma’s, laughed about the summer vacation traffic jams of others – and drove about half an hour to Hamburg to check in at „The Westin Hamburg“ the mega cool hotel in the Elbphilharmonie.

You want to know what else Kate experienced there? Read her blog post about it. You can find it HERE.

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