You don’t have to fly countless miles to satisfy your wanderlust. Happiness is right on your doorstep. Have you ever taken a vacation close to home? You should definitely try it out.

The advantages: a short journey & a short journey home, the relaxation starts immediately after the start of the journey, you suddenly see the city near you with completely different eyes, discover special corners and you take much more time.

Kate Gelinsky tried exactly this at the Park Hyatt Hamburg:


It is a charming 5-star hotel in Hanseatic elegance in the immediate city center of Hamburg. From here, it is very easy to walk through the city center, to walk around and to enjoy a delicious coffee.

Of course, this also includes a good massage in the evening at the hotel’s spa – this was also the crowning glory of an incredibly beautiful shopping day for Kate Gelinsky.

You can read more about what she experienced at the Park Hyatt in her article, but this much is already revealed, it was the most beautiful retreat Kate and her husband could have wished for a weekend. The service was courteous, the rooms incredibly classic and Nordic-elegant, on every corner on every floor art & culture of the beautiful Hafencity.

Check out Kate’s blog, she also captured the illuminated leaded glass window with motifs from Greek mythology, designed by German painter Ada Isensee. Fabulously beautiful.

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